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Portrait: BANYE aka Donbansoman

BANYE aka DONBANSOMAN formerly known as (D WAVES or VIRUS X) is a Cameroonian born rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. His dynamic lyrical vibrance was  the center stage of the Cameroon music industry in 2012 when he unofficially released his first solo single titled: CHORKOH topping major charts in Cameroon and beyond and still relevant today.

BANYE had a difficult childhood with a modest life and Christian upbringing. His childhood experience is reflected most in his lyrics as he combines social justice and street melodic quotes to deliver punchlines that are close to none. He lyrical influence dares to where few of his generation could and is often referred to as ‘the lyrical assassin’

BANYE’s dream was to become a Doctor or an Engineer. He started rapping in Secondary School and discovered he could use his voice to contribute to social justice, poverty, and street representation.  His first time in the studio was in 2009 and immediately fell in love with music and started writing lyrics and poems mostly for pleasure. BANYE took a break from school and concentrated on his dream of becoming a musician. He recorded a mix tape in September 2011 titled LOVE ME LATER which never got to be released.

BANYE went on and did other demos like PAYS TOO STRONG, HOT KOK, with several remixes of urban songs like NOT AFRIAD by Eminem. Late 2012 Banye decided to get serious with his carrier and his debut single CHORKOH was an instant hit and since then he has challenged himself to deliver nothing but the best.  He is inspired by real life stories and situations as his rap is full of street talk and ghetto representation.

In January 2018, Banye’s career took a completely different turn when he signed to Franco Records LLC, an American Record Label based in Houston Texas. In 2018, he released  DAY I DIE, CHORKOH, MBOKO PETER PAN, CONTROL NUMBER, positioning BANYE as the king of the Free Boys. His debut EP titled ‘Freeboy Gospel’ is set for release January 25, 2020 exclusively on www.francorecordsllc.com.

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